Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anything to avoid doing dishes

Ok, a little dark, deep secret about me...I hate doing dishes.  I will do just about anything to avoid doing dishes.  If Rumpelstiltskin had come to me while I was pregnant and offered to trade me doing the dishes for my first born child, I would've considered the trade.  Not for long and I wouldn't have done it, but I would've BRIEFLY considered it.

I've even gone so far as to start a blog to avoid doing dishes.  In fact, as I type, there is a  dishwasher full of dishes that need to be unloaded.  UGH. 

I even begged a favor off my son's girlfriend and asked her to draw a dish fairy to use in my blog.  Obviously, she had to get right on that and so I am sure that her dishes have waited....maybe her roommate even did them for her!  BONUS!

So here she is...

Isn't she just adorable????  I LOVE the gloves!  And the fact that she is super skinny and has pointy toes.

Now, I can just hope she will become a REAL fairy and do my dishes.

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