Sunday, July 7, 2013

Who is the Dish Fairy?

The Dish Fairy is like the reverse of the Easter leave your basket out and the big guy fills it.  You leave your kitchen sink full and the Dish Fairy EMPTIES it!

I have never seen her and I am absolutely positive that she does not visit my house.  I've heard of her existence.  I've even set traps for her.  I've left VERY dirty dishes in the sink and then prayed and did the dish dance (very similar to a rain dance) in my kitchen, but sadly, NO DISH FAIRY!

We are a believing house.  Santa Claus graces us with his presence each year.  Even my kiddos still believe because "if you don't believe, you don't receive."  We still hang our stockings with care.  Shoot, my kids even have Easter stockings.  I bet your kids don't have Easter stockings (probably because you don't have a super creative MIL like me).  The Easter Bunny hops on in every year.  My daughter lost her last tooth at age 16.  The Tooth Fairy still came.

You have to admit that the concept is BRILLANT!  There is just one problem.  She doesn't exist.  I'm convinced.  I've tried and tried and tried to lure her to my humble abode, sadly the dishes are still waiting.

BUT, here is the problem - my family.  They still believe and that what this blog is about.  Finding ways to overcome the dish fairy deficit.  Stay tuned....

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