Monday, August 5, 2013

Homemade Floor Cleaner

This started out as a carpet cleaning trial, but I think it worked better on my tile floors.

When you start a blog, people start sending you things to put on your blog, WHICH IS WONDERFUL!  This is one of those recipes.  My son's girlfriend sent me a link for a homemade carpet cleaner.  So today, I loaded up my husband's small Bissell spot carpet cleaner and tried it out on my kitchen rugs which were filthy! 
And it worked.  I tried it on some carpet spots and it worked there too.  It didn't work any better than the name brand cleaner that you are supposed to use in this particular cleaner and I had to beg my husband to let me try this concoction in the shampooer, but it worked just as well and was LOTS cheaper.  Here's the clean rug:

HOWEVER, I haven't used the carpet cleaner very often because my husband is pretty much a vacuum freak (he owns like 8) and usually I wouldn't want to deny him the joy of using his beloved machines.  But, today just for YOU, my devoted readers, I tried it out.

I made big messes on the tile and on the carpet because truly I don't know how the thing works.  Half of the mixture drained out of the machine before I figured out what I was doing wrong and that was when I made my DISCOVERY.  This mixture works great on tile.  Truly, it's the best tile cleaner I've ever used because my floor got clean, but it didn't get STICKY!!!!!  Seems like most of the time, when I mop my floor, there is a residue and it feels worse.  This time it didn't!  So, here is the miracle cleaner....

AND Happy Birthday to Mysie who turns 21 again until my son catches up with her!


4 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide (3% solution)
2 tablespoons vinegar
1 tablespoon Dawn dishwashing liquid (I used the orange scented)
6 drops Lemon essential oil
1.5 quarts hot water.

I put all of this in the machine and used it per the machine instructions.  Then when I started to mop, I poured the leftover in my sink and added hot water again.  I have no idea how much was left and how much water I added....sorry!  Then I mopped like normal.  Except halfway through I broke the mop head, so then I mopped abnormally.  Sorry, no pictures of that.

Oh, and I cleaned the baseboards with it as I was mopping and it worked great there too!  Now, I'm wondering where else I can use it....

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