Thursday, August 8, 2013

Waffle Iron Failure

Just so you know....not everything works out as planned in the world of blogging.

The idea for this post came from two places.  One, I was in college in the 80s when girls woke up and put their hair in hot rollers.  Two, I love to read and a few weeks ago, she posted something about cooking with her waffle iron.

Now, my first hint should have been that she started her post with two failures.  She tried to cook brownies in her waffle iron and it did not work.  Then, she posted a few other things that DID work like hash browns and cinnamon rolls. 

So, I got to thinking about college and how my roommate and I would place a pop tart on our hot rollers before bed and in the morning, we'd just roll over and turn them on.  By the time the rollers were hot, so were our pop tarts.  That was some pretty ingenious cooking that allowed us to sleep a little longer and still get breakfast without going to the cafeteria.  (How times have changed.  My daughter who is going to college in the fall doesn't even own rollers.)

Now the other ingenious thing about that was no dishes and therefore, no need for a Dish Fairy.  So, that thought coupled with the blog post by Jillee, made me think about the waffle iron.  It has a non-stick surface and when you cook waffles in it, there is VERY little clean-up.  Now, that's my whole goal of this blog:  learning to live with the Dish Fairy deficit.

So, somehow I decided that if I tried the brownies, I would be successful.  Why?  Hell if I know!  It was a disaster.

So, then, undaunted by the first disaster, I decided to cook my son breakfast on the waffle iron, but instead of making waffles....I decided to make hash browns and bacon.

Now, they tasted ok, and looked ok, BUT....the hash browns were a bugger to get out.  I had envisioned a waffle-shaped hash brown that came right out.  Wrong.  They fell apart which is not bad for eating, but horrible for cleaning.

Then, the bacon.  It actually was pretty good, but the grease that drained out of the waffle iron was gross and went EVERYWHERE!!!!

(This picture does not do justice to the mess.  I'm a blogger, not a photographer)

So, from a breakfast standpoint, Michael was happy.  I rarely cook breakfast.  But, from a blog standpoint...a blogger who is trying to find ways to avoid dishes...BIG FAT FAIL!  I spent about a hour (no joke) cleaning up the mess.  Trying to get all the little burned pieces of bacon and potato out of the creases.  Cleaning all the crevices that were caked with grease.  I don't have a submersible waffle iron, so this was TIME CONSUMING, GROSS, and NOT PLEASANT because I hate, hate, hate big messes.

Ok, that is all.  I'm done complaining....well at least on my blog.

PS - If I weren't gluten free, I'd go get my hot rollers out and have me a pop tart!

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