Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tines up or Tines Down?

Some people have rules about their dishwashers.  This really blows me away I guess because my only dishwasher rule is "put it in."  But it has come to my attention that the following topic is VERY debatable do you load your dishwasher tines up or tines down?

The debate:
Do forks get cleaner if the tines are up or down? 
Should knives be sharp up or sharp down?
What about little fingers or doggie tongues that might get poked or cut?

To be really honest, I've never really spent a lot of time thinking  about this subject and I can see both sides of the issue here, so I decided that in the interest of all Dish Fairies everywhere, I would do some research.  Here is what I have found:

1.  Load your one piece silverware business end up. 
2.  Pieces which have a handle attached should be loaded business end down.  That way the handle is less likely to collect water.
3.  Sharp knives should be hand washed or laid flat on the top rack.
4.  Large spatulas should be laid flat on the top rack because they tend to block the spray action and that is what truly gets things clean.
5.  Forks, knives, and spoons (also known as cutlery) should be mixed up.  When you pre-sort to make unloading easier, the spoons tend to "nest" and do not get clean.
6.  The goal of loading a dishwasher is to allow water to be sprayed BETWEEN things, so don't overload.

Now, that is what the experts said.  Here is my take on the issue.  Hand wash all sharp knives if you have little ones that might get cut.  I've heard that knives get dull in the dishwasher, but my knives go in there.  If there are little ones around I put them on the top shelf.  If a kiddo pokes their fingers on a fork, it won't take too many times until they figure out that fork tines are sharp.  Most kids are pretty dang smart when it comes to pain. Plus that, we hope that the little darling will be using a fork eventually and I'd rather they learn the perils of forks sooner than later.

Dogs:  I have a little dog.  He's a 6 pound curly-haired Rottweiler who masquerades as a Toy Poodle and he never bothered the dishwasher until some other dog taught him how.  Chip is a quick learner and it only took one lesson.  He's also like a stubborn teenager and tries it every time the dishwasher is open.  Some people give up and just let their dog have a treat, but not me.  I kinda get grossed out.  I know that the dishwasher will sterilize the dishes and remove the dog spit, but it is just gross. After all the same tongue that is licking my plate has been licking his unmentionables. My feeling is that if he gets poked maybe that will make him think twice about climbing in my dishwasher.  AHA moment...I'm going to make a fork fence that will keep him out!

The Dish Fairy says:  "Just get them in there.  When I am flying around doing my magic, tines up or tines down doesn't matter.  I have to be careful either way.  The important thing is getting them in there and the more space between them, the easier it is to fly around."

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